Loving Care For Kids
  • Suisun City, CA
  • Mon-Fri, 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
  • Infant - 6 years old
  • (707) 428-3180

Preschool Program

Our program provides a wide range of learning activities that promote creativity, discovery and exploration for all young children; this is when they are interested in everything around them. Their minds are developing fast and they want to touch, taste, smell, hear and do things for themselves. They are very eager to learn and will have the best teachable moments if allowed to be independent and provided opportunities to explore. Our main focus is to teach them social, communication, cognitive and problem-solving skills beginning in the early years.

The children are encouraged to take initiative in selecting their daily activities by engaging in a variety of the different learning areas. Here is an outline of our program:

  • - The children are introduced to the ABC's, numbers, colors, shapes, days of the week, months, everyday courtesies (please, thank you, etc.), and their names, etc. through a variety of learning methods. They learn math, language and science through play with matching and sorting games, flashcards, building blocks, picture books, art projects, puzzles, planting flowers, taking nature walks, and many other activities. Music is played almost daily to also stimulate the brain and help children to focus. Nursery rhymes and songs are sung to help develop speech, hearing and concentration skills. Dance and exercises are done on a regular basis. Sensory materials, plastic insects, games and puzzles are available to help the children learn the aspects of touch and feel.
  • - The children spend most of their learning moments by engaging in dramatic play (dress-up, playing house, restaurant, going to the library, shopping, pretending to be adults at work, etc.) This type of play stimulates their minds and develops the creative portion of the brain. Both boys and girls are encouraged to play with all toys and materials, regardless of gender status.
  • - The curriculum is age-appropriate and each child learns at his/her own pace. All children are encouraged to participate and are praised and rewarded for accomplishments, no matter how small. Any child requiring extra help receives it individually.
  • - The children read books and have story time twice daily, individually and in small groups. The staff and sometimes the older children take turns reading stories throughout the day. Children are encouraged to participate during reading time and create their own stories.
  • - During "circle time" the children are grouped together to participate in games, music/dance, social talk and the learning of sign language and Spanish.
  • - The children are taken outside to play everyday for at least an hour in the mornings. Weather permitting; they also go outside in the afternoon. It is so important for them to develop large motor skills by climbing, running, jumping and throwing. They also take walks around the neighborhood and to the park.
  • - Nutritious meals are served daily which includes servings from each food group: protein, vegetables, fruits and grains/breads. Milk is served at all breakfast and lunch meals. The children are constantly encouraged to try at least one bite of new foods. Children are never forced to eat something they do not like or refused food as part of a discipline situation.
  • - Potty training is introduced once the child starts to show signs of interest. Our staff is dedicated to complete the entire process as long as the parent/family is willing to work with the child at home.